Sunday, July 13, 2008

Found a House!

We found our next home and hope to be there for 2 years or so, and maybe the last move before we buy our own (which speaks more to how long we plan to be there more than how well off we're doing right now)! Hooray!
We had a very close race between our two top choices, and both landlords had us as their top choice of tennant, which was great. Several of our friends engaged us in pros and cons talks as we weighed the options, and Deb even offered to drive by both of them with us, which we did.

We decided yesterday though on a 1920s bungalow that is a very close (less than 10 minutes strolling slowly!) walk to Uni of Portland (I mean super close). There is lots of character to it, which makes up for the smaller size of it. It has all the original woodwork inside, like the ironing board in the kitchen wall, potato bins, pull out cutting board and molding, built in shelves in closets, working wood fireplace and refinished hardwood floors throughout. The main house level has two bedrooms, one bath, roomy living room, small kitchen, and separate kitchen table nook. we thought it would be too small until we discovered the 'semi-finished' basement wasn't merely suitable for storage, but would make a fine office for both of us as the space is larger than any bedroom and was lined on two sides with huge ceiling high bookshelves!! We need to put some carpet and wall hangings and a space heater down there, but it allows us to eventually make the second bedroom the baby's (after all your visits!) instead of the office.
But the absolute best part is the gardened yards! Front and back yards are gorgeous with flowers, shrubs, trees, herbs, and space for veggies. Right now there is a 7 foot long 5 feet high row of RASPBERRY bushes that is drooping over with so many red berries! We ate handfuls and handfuls for 30 minutes and it doesn't look like we even dented them! There is also a nice grassy area, with picnic table and brick BBQ!

And it seems that it was meant to be our place. As we were sitting in the backyard debating which of the two places would be best, and really going back and forth to which one we wanted, the landlord of this place calls. He tells us that his wife (the one who met us and showed us around) liked us so much and wanted us to be their tenants so badly that he decided to lower the rent! Not only that, but he said he would change out the older W/D with an almost new pair! I totally felt like we were in India bartering with a carpet dealer or something..."OK, OK, OK mister. I give you very, very best friend price." HA!

It was so awesome and we feel quite blessed to have scored such a great place. It has wonderful energy and great potential.
We move Aug 2 and will send photos before and after we get all our stuff in.

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