Monday, October 1, 2007

Barry Bonds is a Cheater!

August 8th was a sad, sad day for professional baseball.

I write this literally with tears in my eyes. I cry from a deep part of myself, from a deep, deep love of the game of baseball, for a deep love of honor and fairness. Last night in San Francisco, ego maniac Barry Bonds finally broke the classy and humble Hank Aaron’s home run record. As a former baseball player of over 12 years, playing from Tee ball all the way up through high school, tears are filling my eyes to see a cheater – and make NO DOUBT about it, he is a cheater – take Major League Baseball’s most hallowed record. The guy used steroids. I don’t care what anyone says, what the commissions might decided, what ever comes to light now or later. I fully believe this man cheated the game, cheated his fans and used steroids. He cheated. He used drugs to win. Period. The man cheated to win and this is who we will remember for years to come as ‘one of the greatest’? I refuse to accept him as the new leader. I believe he must have an asterisk next to his name in all books if not omitted after his usage is proved. I don’t like him. I don’t respect him. And again I believe this is a sad, sad, sad day for baseball and professional sports. It just breaks my heart to see ‘the American game’ - a symbol of America that goes hand in hand with apple pie and jazz, a game that I have loved and played since I was 5 years old – to be tainted with cheaters and drug users.

Following up on this, I am thrilled to hear that the owner of home run ball 756, designer Mark Ecko, had decided to let the people vote on what he should do with it. The choices were to 1) do nothing 2) blast it into space or 3) brand it with an asterisk and send it to baseball's Hall of Fame. Well, the people have spoken! And branded it will be! Hurray for democracy!