Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama in Portland, Spring Break and an Acceptance!

March 21, 2008

Leigh and I got up early today to pilgrimage down to Memorial Coliseum to see Barack Obama give a speech. We couldn't make it to his first visit here a couple months ago, but we weren't going to miss this one. And for Portland (and OR), to finally be relevant in an election has got this town fired up...talking with a couple 'locals' while inside the auditorium with people shouting and clapping and jumping and waving their hands (looked like church to me...felt like church to me too!), they were awed that Portlanders (well known for their cynicism and distrust of American politics and politicians) could get so worked up over a Presidential candidate. Looking around they said, "This is for a politician?!".

It was one of a few poignant moments during the rally. I don't have the text of the speech with me here, but it was mostly a stump speech - nothing really new. But to finally see him in person and hear him say the things he believes was great. I sat there wondering if I would be able to tell my children or grandchildren that I saw the man who reshaped American politics, I saw Obama speak before he was even President. (I'm already assuming he's going to win the nomination and general election).

Some other highlights from the speech - quoting JFK, "Never negotiate out of fear, but never fear to negotiate" and then going on to say, "Talking to your enemies is not a weakness but the essence of wisdom" and also "You can not only talk with your allies, but must also talk with your enemies." And another great moment when he said that Clinton and Richardson and McCain said, "You can't say that. You can't negotiate with our enemies", Obama said "Watch me".

I wish I could remember more...It was a fun time. Very high spirits. Somewhat of a rock star glamoring. It was a good speech with many great ideas given by a great speaker and I felt very happy to have witnessed it. Have a become a political junkie? Or does this man inspire me like no other politician since Kucinich?

Also, Governor Bill Richardson joined Barack Obama on the stage this morning to give his full endorsement. I'm very pleased to see this. I've respected Bill Richardson for while. I like what I've seen and heard from him. I think this is a smart move and could help with the Latino vote and who knows? I wouldn't mind Richardson as VP either. Great foreign policy experience, great Washington experience. And to see a half black man and a Hispanic running this country would be AWESOME! The true fabric of this nation would be finally reflected by our two primary national leaders. I like the sound of Obama/Richardson, don't you?

To be fair, I will go see Clinton and/or McCain if they come to Portland. McCain in Portland....HA!

Spring break is upon me...thank god! I have to admit, I was getting very, very burnt. I managed an A in statistics, which is nothing short of a miracle. Still waiting for my Anatomy grade (which I hope is an A but think is a B). I'm looking forward to the next few days spent resting, working on my Tibet book (writing the intro letter to publishers, book's edited and ready!), visiting galleries here to try and get an exhibit and hike and enjoy the fair weather that has come to Portland. Next week I'll be flying to Colorado for my buddys' bachelor party. We are renting a couple cabins in southern Colorado by a ski resort and bombing hills for 3 days, while partying (and pretending we're 21 again) for 3 nights...can't wait for the craziness and debauchery!

And finally, I got accepted to a Nursing School Program!!!!!! The University of Portland has officially accepted me into their Junior Transfer Program starting in the Fall 08. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! We are so excited and SO relieved. UP is probably my #1 choice, too. I'm still waiting for Linfield College to get back to me but that won't happen until mid-April. For now, I'm so totally stoked to know that all my hard work has paid off and I'll be going somewhere in the fall. So awesome.

And what's even better? I'll be one slap my ass hottie of a murse (male nurse)! Grrrrrrr baby....grrrrrrrr....give me murse, give me murse. Ok! Now you're a tiger murse....give me tiger murse....Grrrrrrrrr.


TJ said...

LOL! awesometown.

Shadi said...

jason, i'll never be able to see you the same again after the brilliant murse pic. CONGRATS on getting into the school of your choice!!!! that's too awesome. 33 is truly turning out to be all that you thought it was cracked up to be. much love to you, Leigh, and the unborn one!